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The Woolaroc Museum presents one of America's most unique displays of Western art and artifacts; Native American pottery, baskets, beads, blankets, and cultural art; historical displays; and one of the most complete collections of Colt firearms. It is one of the most outstanding Western art collections in the world, that also represents the culture and lifestyles of the people of America and the American West.


American Indian

Woolaroc Museum relates the story of man's cultural development in the New World. Artifacts of early man trace the prehistoric civilizations in Oklahoma. Baskets, pottery, and Navajo blankets show the Native American civilization of the Navajo, Apache, Hopi, and Pueblos located in Arizona and New Mexico.

Beaded buckskins and feather bonnets from the Plains tribes are prominently displayed. Material from approximately 40 different tribes is displayed in the collection at Woolaroc Museum.

A sculpture of a Native American man at WoolarocA collection of Native American pottery

Fine Art


The Woolaroc collection includes a broad representation of paintings by many of the "Old Masters" of western art, such as: Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell, William R. Leigh, Frank Tenney Johnson, Thomas Moran, and many others.

Also represented are more contemporary artists such as Wilson Hurley, John Clymer, Clark Hulings, and Bettina Steinke. Five of the original six Taos Society Artists are represented: O.E. Berninghaus, E.I. Couse, Herbert Dunton, Bert Phillips, and J.H. Sharp.

Much of the collection was personally acquired by Frank Phillips during his lifetime, and has since been greatly enhanced by donations from other members of the Phillips family. The more recent additions include works by many leading contemporary Western artists and various landscape artists, including an exquisite work by Albert Bierstadt.

A painting of Native Americans dancing around a campfireA painting of a man plowing a field


The Woolaroc sculpture collection also includes pieces by many of the greats of Western artists, including Remington and Russell. In addition, the 12 bronzes that were entered in the 1927 Pioneer Woman contest, created by the best sculptors of the day, are prominently displayed in the collection.

Heroic-sized sculptures by Bryant Baker and Jo Mora are located both inside and outside the Woolaroc Museum, where they illustrate the history of Oklahoma and the American West.

Works by contemporary sculptors such as Harry Jackson, Joe Beeler, and John D. Free also grace the Woolaroc collection. Woolaroc displays a complete collection of the sculptures of Joe Beeler, including two heroic-sized pieces on the Woolaroc grounds.

A sculpture of a Native American riding a horseA sculpture of a cowboy

Other Collections


Woolaroc Museum displays several other collections, such as the saddles and gear of cowboys and several carts and wagons. There is a large display of 101 Ranch memorabilia, including many old photographs.

There is an exhibit dealing with the American Bison and its impact on the New World, culminating in its near extinction.

Please come visit and see for yourself what Frank Phillips left for all of us all to enjoy.

A dog sitting in the Western exhibit at WoolarocAn old photograph of Frank Phillips and his Native American friends

Colt Firearms

The Woolaroc collection of firearms, featuring the Philip R. Phillips Collection and the Waldo Wilson Collection, is one of the world's finest collections of Colt firearms.

The Phillips collection chronicles the Colt story, from the rare and exotic Paterson revolvers, through the "Walker Forty-Four" the Army and Navy pistols used by both sides in the War Between the States, as well as guns carried by pioneers on the Western frontier. Prototype pieces used by the Colt factory in the development of new models of weapons are an important part of the exhibit.

The Waldo Wilson collection features semi-automatic pistols based on the designs of John Moses Browning. The examples on display were made by manufacturers such as Singer (of sewing machine fame), Union Switch and Signal, Ithaca Arms, Remington Arms, Remington Rand, North American Arms, and of course, Colt, under contracts from the United States Government.

The Woolaroc collection is very significant in that it includes several of the very first revolving cylinder repeating weapons made in the United States, and traces the development of Colt firearms into the post World War II era.

Mr. Russell Straight generously donated his Winchester collection to Woolaroc Museum in 1981. The Russell Straight collection contains a selection of Winchester firearms, the very first models through the mid 20th century.

Winchester is a name that is identified with the Old West and the frontier days of America. The Winchester Repeating Arms Company was established by Oliver F. Winchester in 1866, and the first model to bear the name of the company was the Model 1866 lever action rifle.

The subsequent models offered by Winchester helped establish the company as one of the world's leading firearms manufacturers. Winchester provided repeating rifles that played an important role in this nation's history, and will forever have a place as the company that built the guns that "Won the West".

A statue of a cowboy in front of the Colt Firearms exhibitColt firearms at Woolaroc

Experience Woolaroc

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